About Us.


Rectangle is a company that always puts ideas first. We pride ourselves on creating smart, custom ideas that reinvent a space to work with and for you. We firmly believe that the best solutions are simple solutions but when you are updating a space that has been created for a different generation and a different world, simple can be far from obvious. Rectangle works with you to understand your needs and create a space that is both functional and stunning.


After looking through our portfolio it will become quite clear that design sets rectangle apart from the competition. We find inspiration for our work in the timeless clean lines of modernism but work with our clients to ensure the end project reflects their taste. By investing in a Rectangle custom home you invest in a well thought out human dimension that truly does merge form with function. Your home is the canvas…we breath new life into its design.


Rectangle is one of the few companies that takes care of the planning, architecture, design and construction of a project. It is this continuity that allows us to produce a superior product. We are obsessed with quality and our integrated process allows us to finish the project the way it was intended. No details are missed. No corners are cut. No plans are misinterpreted. We employ only the best licensed trades and our project managers are experienced in both design and construction, equipping them to make sure the job is done right, on time, and on budget.


6 Responses to “About Us.”

  1. 1 Kim Aippersbach

    Your name came to my attention in the April 2009 Western Living which showcased the bathroom of your Mount Royal project. I came to your webpage to see if I could find out the name of the sink you used in that bathroom. According to the magazine’s Sources, it’s a Duravit sink, but I can’t find anything that looks like it on the Duravit website. Would it be presumptuous of me to ask you which sink you used? (If shameless flattery will help, I love your work and would hire you if my sister wasn’t an architect!)

  2. 2 Mir S. Mirzada

    I can say wow,,, one project is better that the other one. great clean job. brilliant ideas, i whish to be a member of your team.
    best of luck,

  3. 3 Andrew Woolley

    Great examples of work! Calgary, to my mind, is frequently not a great example of this type like many fast growing cities.

    Do you do just basement work?

    Also, we and many neighbours have siding on our 1970s houses painted various horrid shades of cream and beige! I raed this can’t be painted a darker colour as that can cause warping in the heat. What do you suggest?

  4. Thank you for your comments and kind works Andrew. We do basement work fairly often, if you have a project in mind, please let us know and we can come and have a look. I assume your siding is vinyl if you are concerned about the warping? There are products out there to paint plastic siding, but we have never had much luck with them, and painting a darker colour would only add to the issues in my opinion. Unfortunately, the only real fix for dated and dreary siding is to replace it with something new, you may be surprised how cost effective some exterior products can be.

  5. 5 Andrew Woolley

    Thanks for your helpful info. Yes, it is vinyl. I’ll contact you direct about the basement and replacing the very, very boring siding!

  6. Hi there, just wanted to mention, I liked this blog post.

    It was practical. Keep on posting!

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