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As you can see by the footage we are not referring to the blind pianist soulster legend. Rather we are alluding to Ray & Charles Eames, a husband and wife design team, who were the vital pioneers of modern furniture design as we know it. The Eameses, along with collaboration with the Herman Miller furniture […]

Music & living.


Hey check this cool vid out. It’s pretty close to what we’d probably be doing if “creating” for you guys didn’t exist. Music & living…a great way to execute your free time! Sums up life pretty well doesn’t it!?

Vintage form.


I don’t know what it is bout them, but vintage automobiles, like fine architecture and design, are simply beautiful works or art. The lines. The form. All the elements perfectly converge to form a breathtaking sight. A perfect example of simple lessons that can be learnt from the past! Here are just a few examples […]