This is a project near and dear to our hearts that we are building in South Calgary (Marda Loop). The clean lines and white exterior add to the edginess of the architecture and the 3 story/ 2 story split is an idea we have been working with on a few projects. We have some really great things planned for the interior including clever stairs and super contemporary case work and finishing. We will have more posts on this project soon! 



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At rectangle we are proud of our Calgary roots! We love this city and the great people in it. If you “heart” Calgary too, come by our office and grab a t-shirt (3911 Manchester Rd. S.E.) Or, if you’re in the Downtown Core and want to rock the coolest t-shirt this side of the Rockies, let us know. We are happy to drop some off at your office.

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When you think of great Hip Hop cities, Calgary is probably not top of mind. However, we are lucky to have some really talented musicians here, and J Thaddeus is one of them! He has made his living as a rapper since 2008 and has opened for some big names in recent years, including Nelly, Wu-Tang Clan, Flo Rida, Big Sean (one of our fav’s!) and Mos Def.  J Thaddeus has also recently collaborated with Mad Child of Swollen Member and Onyx, both of which will be on his upcoming album, “The Disgruntled Gentleman”
When not on stage tearing it up, J Thaddeus is active in Calgary’s art and design scene, with an interest in fashion, architecture, furniture, art and design.  As co founder of Oh No! Entertainment Music Group, and one of Western Canada’s most exciting Hip Hop artists, J Thaddeus is certainly an Interesting Calgarian! J Thaddeus video
Some questions for J Thaddeus
Favorite Calgary Restaurant:  The Belvedere
Favourite place to travel to:  My favourite place that I’ve been to is Dubai, but the #1 place I want to go to that I haven’t yet is The South of France
Most prized possession:  To be honest Id really say friendships & family… but if I had to pick an item its this new Audi S8 …. Actually scratch that, it’s definitely my Music Collection!!! 
Favourite TV:  Of all time “The Wire” but currently I’m into Breaking Bad and News Room 
Favourite fashion designer:  It’s a tie between Gianni Versace & Raf Simons
If you are or you know of someone that is an interesting Calgarian please email Shane at and we will try and get a feature posted.

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rectangle has been a big fan of Western Living Magazine for a long time. They feature great design from all over Western Canada and certainly have their finger on the pulse of what is hip and cool! We love their designer of the year event, it is always a lot of fun and at a great venue (The Art Gallery of Calgary). The rectangle team was thrilled to win the Arthur Erickson Memorial Award “one to watch”. We are very lucky to have such a talented group of young designers/craftsmen in the rectangle office!  We would also like to congratulate the super talented Calgary designer Amanda Hamilton, she won the same award and it is great to be in good company!

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Interesting Calgarian


 Robert Cuffley is not your typical Calgary success story, however, he is one of those really interesting people that gives our city the culture we all want.  Robert is a Calgary-based screenwriter and director with many feature films under his belt. His career started with music videos, commercials and short films, some of which were featured at the Chicago international Film Festival. His first feature film, TURNING PAIGE opened to rave reviews. Robert followed that up with 2 more, WALK ALL OVER ME  (purchased by the Weinstien Brothers at its premiere at TIFF) and FEROCIOUS, staring Kim Coates and Amanda Crew. The talented Mr. Cuffley’s upcoming work includes CHOKESLAM,  a wrestling comedy and THE DWELLING, a screenplay adapted from Susie Moloney’s best selling novel.


Robert Cuffley is a perfect example of an interesting Calgarian. With his profession it would make sense for him to relocate to Los Angeles or New York, but Calgary is home, and he remains dedicated to keeping our creative scene vibrant and fresh. I have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of Robert’s Calgary premieres, and I am always thrilled to see a Calgary boy making such great work.


A few questions for Robert:


Favourite Movie: 2001 A Space Odyssey

Favourite Room: the kitchen

Favourite Music: Electronica

Favourite TV: The Wire

Favourite Food: Tacos



Know an interesting Calgarian?

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This new house completed last year in Bridgeland has a very “New York loft” feel to it. The idea was to try and carve our a white drywall volume within the double height living area. The lofted space is used as a home office, with the rest of the upper level being a more conventional bedroom set up.



Our hearts and thoughts are with all of our friends and clients that have been affected by the recent floods in Calgary. We are completely overwhelmed at the destruction mother nature has caused in our beautiful city. If your home had the water damage limited to the basement, there are a few things to consider before you move back in:

1) It is important to make sure that all belongings and building materials that have been flooded are removed from the house. All flooring, cabinetry, fixtures and framing that have been submerged should be removed. If you are considering a new layout for your basement with the rebuild, it might be a good idea to remove the ceiling drywall as well. This way your contractor will have a fresh start in the new space and all electrical and mechanical will be exposed for the rework.

2)Once the demolition is complete, it is a good idea to pressure wash the whole basement (be careful to keep debris from going down the floor drain as it will plug easily). After that, spraying heavy layer of household bleach will sanitize the space and will reduce the likelihood of mould or contamination. A pressurized garden sprayer works great for this. Mopping the floor with a bleach/water mix also works well.images

3) You want to get airflow in the basement once demo is completed. Since all of the submerged materials have been removed, anything that will hold the humidity is no longer in the basement. A few household fans with the windows open will dry thing out pretty quickly.


4) It is important to replace the furnace and hot water heater before moving back in. As soon as the gas valve in either appliance is submerged, it will never work properly again and will certainly be a safety issue. Also, with most houses having sewage backing up, its not worth the risk of having the water or air supply compromised with reusing affected mechanical equipment.


5) If any portion of your electrical panel was submerged, all the breakers that have been flooded will need to be replaced. The panel itself should be fine, but we want to make sure the wet equipment is replaced. The flooded wiring can stay, but the outlets and switches that got wet need to be new as well.


With the good weather and tons of help from friends, family and volunteers, many Calgarians will be returning home this weekend and it’s important to do so safely!

cedar detail


Our Briar Hill project is really starting to take shape and it’s the details that are adding interest. Cedar soffit is a really nice way to soften a very modern exterior. It’s a hint to traditional building methods without taking away from the otherwise fairly progressive architecture. The interior shots from this home will be spectacular!

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We do love our press here at rectangle! Recently rectangle’s own Shane Rennie was feature on the hip and trendy blog, please check it out.Rennie0001

Clever kitchen


The kitchen drives most requests for a home renovation. This is the hub of family activity and a modern family really needs a functional kitchen. With the use of clever cabinetry, every square inch of a recent Roxboro renovation was utilized. Check back for more on this project in coming weeks._8BE4504 _8BE4522 _8BE4508