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Real stone.


Transforming a decades-old fireplace into a modern hearth is a lot of work but in the end we believe that this particular transformation will be stunning once completed. Stay tuned for the completed project pics. Advertisements

You see even while plumbing the Rectangle boys can still manage to sparkle! Often when we renovate we end up having to re-route some of the basic essentials. Water, electricity, data lines, cable tv, etc. In this case it’s an old gas line in which case we call in our resident journeyman the Shaner himself. […]

Getting an early morning Saturday misty start. Good conversation paired with a pine-fresh air freshener. How could you go wrong?

Dusty frames.


As you can see there is no quit in the Rectangle vocabulary. We even work our eyeglasses hard! LOL These Ray-Bans once enjoyed the comforts of a velvet lined drawer in a boutique eyeglass shop. Now…they enjoy the every dusty haunts of a Toyota work truck as well the luxury of getting all bent out […]

Rectangle staining session summed up in a photo. Smooth even strokes folks…smooth even strokes.

What do you do when you have a new tile floor that requires additional real estate at the expense of a decades-old ¬†hardwood floor? Well in our case new takes precedence over old so we drop a chalk line, anchor a straight edge, plunge a skill saw along our guide marks to get a perfectly […]

This contraption might look like an instrument of mayhem out of the Saw movie franchise but rather it’s a custom cabinet for our Scarboro project that’s derived from the finishing prowess of a cabinet saw, natural elegance of planed cherry wood, sheer strength of wood glue, proven precision of Blum rails all bond together with […]

Model finish.


Did she really build that table? Hmmm. Nevertheless probably better watching her get her sanding on than one of us. LOL Perhaps Mode Models has a few keen woodworkers on the roster…hint hint…Kelly Streit.



In case you haven’t done so already be sure to check out the feature on Rectangle’s Principal and the abode that surrounds him in the latest issue of Avenue Magazine.

No we haven’t migrated to more tropical climates…rather just a flashback to a better ‘windows-rolled-down’ weather day… Seatbelts on and right-side stick shifting through non-sensical right-lane Calgary traffic here two of the Rectangle’s law-abiding citizens pounding the asphalt to round up materials for YOU. Actually I think we were just headed to get some Vietnamese […]