Super Modern in South Calgary


This is a project near and dear to our hearts that we are building in South Calgary (Marda Loop). The clean lines and white exterior add to the edginess of the architecture and the 3 story/ 2 story split is an idea we have been working with on a few projects. We have some really great things planned for the interior including clever stairs and super contemporary case work and finishing. We will have more posts on this project soon! 



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3 Responses to “Super Modern in South Calgary”

  1. 1 Bret Reinbold

    Really gorgeous. Needs a pop of rich color though. Modernism isn’t just about shape/form, it’s also about the use of color, just a hint, perhaps just a shape. Something old, something new is also a great way to keep architecture from becoming dated. Keep it classic and in 30 years no one will ever know what decade it came from.

  2. 2 Paul

    It looks like a warehouse! Something you would find in the foothills industry area. What’s with the tin siding???

  3. Thanks for your comment Bret, we have plans to soften the architecture with some greenery and colour! I agree that good design is timeless, and Calgary has a lot of great design.

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