Interesting Calgarian


Interesting Calgarian


 Robert Cuffley is not your typical Calgary success story, however, he is one of those really interesting people that gives our city the culture we all want.  Robert is a Calgary-based screenwriter and director with many feature films under his belt. His career started with music videos, commercials and short films, some of which were featured at the Chicago international Film Festival. His first feature film, TURNING PAIGE opened to rave reviews. Robert followed that up with 2 more, WALK ALL OVER ME  (purchased by the Weinstien Brothers at its premiere at TIFF) and FEROCIOUS, staring Kim Coates and Amanda Crew. The talented Mr. Cuffley’s upcoming work includes CHOKESLAM,  a wrestling comedy and THE DWELLING, a screenplay adapted from Susie Moloney’s best selling novel.


Robert Cuffley is a perfect example of an interesting Calgarian. With his profession it would make sense for him to relocate to Los Angeles or New York, but Calgary is home, and he remains dedicated to keeping our creative scene vibrant and fresh. I have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of Robert’s Calgary premieres, and I am always thrilled to see a Calgary boy making such great work.


A few questions for Robert:


Favourite Movie: 2001 A Space Odyssey

Favourite Room: the kitchen

Favourite Music: Electronica

Favourite TV: The Wire

Favourite Food: Tacos



Know an interesting Calgarian?

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