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cedar screen


Whether its a great piece of vintage furniture or exposing some original character, having a bit of roughness mixed in with a modern interior can have a huge impact. With our Marda Loop renovation, installing a cedar screen to protect the stair has a similar effect. The texture and look of the rough natural material […]

Not everyone loves having the television the focus of a room. This sliding panel is a clever way to keep the space tidy, but still have easy viewing when needed.  

Easy Living


I know what your thinking, did rectangle hire models for this blog post? ┬áNope! That is the lucky home owners Brian and Marta in there bright and spacious new kitchen. Their recently completed project in the heart of Marda Loop is the perfect example of a clean, modern, family home in the city. When considering […]

glass please


We have had quite a few calls lately inquiring about the glass rail system we use on some of our projects. When we design a new house or a substantial renovation, incorporating glass is a great way to give the space a modern look. If you are looking to retrofit your existing rail system, this […]

Contextual development permits are a game changer for us urban builders. Many potential clients have chosen other options, rather than the year + wait time for a discretionary development permit. Then there is the build time on top of that. With contextual permitting the bylaw check is more stringent, but with a design that meets […]

powder room


This is the second time we have rolled the hardwood flooring onto the wall in our projects, and we love the way the texture of the wood adds elegance to the room. A gold Aquabrass faucet and a Dyson Air Blade provide interest as well. Thank you to everyone who came out and saw us […]