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We have received a question asking what we would to to modernize the exterior of this great looking, but dated bungalow. A few simple changes could make a very dramatic difference to the architecture of this home. I would start by saving the brick work. We don’t see a lot of brick in western Canada and it gives the house a feel of quality. Changing out the large white double garage door to an aluminum and frosted glass commercial style door would instantly give the front elevation some attitude, and a matching front door would balance the look. Tongue and groove cedar accents above the garage door and front door, and cedar around the bay window would soften the aluminum and get rid of the white detailing that is showing the houses age. Replacing the metal rail on the front porch with a cedar screen would also be a nice touch! While you are at it, changing the white eavestrough, soffit and fascia with new aluminum coloured ones to match the new doors would look sharp. The last thing would be to replace the tired looking asphalt shingles with a new light grey colour and you are done! We feel this would be a fairly cost effective way to completely over haul the look of this house and give it the modern edge you are looking for. Please keep any questions that you may have coming…

This style of door would dramatically change the look of the brick bungalow!




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