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We have been working on a simple and clean walnut rail system on one of our infill projects. The idea is that it will look great but not take away from the rest of the house. Dylan is making sure the height meets code! Advertisements



Adding a few stucco details to our infill project in Renfrew has made for a big impact. Once the stucco is complete and the metal siding done, we feel that the house will have a very clean, almost Japanese feel to it. rectangle has a few projects getting close to completion, its been a busy […]

A project that we finish a few years back has just come up for sale in the best part of Elboya. Close to the river, steps from stanley park and some pretty innovative design if I do say so myself! check it out…I heart Elboya            

We have received a question asking what we would to to modernize the exterior of this great looking, but dated bungalow. A few simple changes could make a very dramatic difference to the architecture of this home. I would start by saving the brick work. We don’t see a lot of brick in western Canada […]

Avenue Magazine


Be sure to grab a copy of the October issue of Avenue Magazine, a project we finished last year in Altadore is featured. We feel this home really shows the direction rectangle is going and are very proud of the results. A special thank you to the rectangle crew, sub trades, and of course Kathy […]