Tread lightly


These solid walnut treads that we have installed at our South Calgary project look weightless. The stairs in this project are prominent and need to be a strong feature.



3 Responses to “Tread lightly”

  1. 1 Anna

    Hi, love the stairs. Did the staircase come in all in one piece, or was each step put in individually? We have a house in Kensington with floating stairs, but they’re covered in some really unfortunate carpet. This is the look we’d love to achieve eventually, curious how it was achieved. Would you mind sharing what Calgary company took care of the stairs?

  2. Hi Anna,

    Thank you for your kind words about our work! The stairs them selves were supplied by the local company Timber Tech stairs (I would imagine this is exactly how your stairs would look if you were to remove the carpet) . The stringers (sides of the stairs) and under side of the treads were “wrapped” in MDF. All the MDF has been sprayed with a lacquer. Then we made the solid walnut treads here in our shop at rectangle and installed them on site. Any local finish carpenter will most likely be able to help with the MDF portion of the project and a woodworking shop would definitely be the right place to look to have the treads made. Hope that helps…

  3. 3 Anna

    so sort of like little step slipcovers! I love it. so cool. I actually did a double take because I saw almost identical ones on this apartmenttherapy house tour!

    anyway, this totally sounds doable. Thanks so much for the info! I’m all stoked to try it out. :oD

    and I love all your work. Amazing.

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