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When we were working on the exterior of our Elboya project there was the temptation to try and make the house more than it was. In the end, keeping it simple really adds to the overall elegance of the home. Once inside the interior renovation makes a bold statement! Advertisements

Barn door


Sliding doors that we recently installed serve a dual purpose. One has a magnetic blackboard for notes and the kids to play on. The other set to the office/library allows for that space to be connected to the living room most of the time, but when privacy is needed the doors can slide shut.

Bare bones


Installing the cabinet carcasses for a new kitchen is the most important step. Getting everything level and square is essential for the steps that follow. Check back and we will show the end result for this kitchen we are working on in Kensington.



We have decided to try to get the word out with a billboard on Macleod Trail, so if you are headed into downtown, keep an eye out for us!

Meet the team


Brittany joined the rectangle team in 2009 and has really added to the office environment. With a background in architecture and a passion for good design, she has made for a perfect fit. Although fairly new to Calgary, Britt and her husband have recently purchased (and renovated) their own urban home, so I suspect they […]

We love to do the MDF shelves, and it is certainly becoming a trade mark. Every time a nook or build-out presents itself, I cant resist the urge to fill it with some sort of clever shelving. For this project in Kensington, the shelving wraps around three walls, and I think it will add some […]

Dining Table


Although our primary focus is on residential design/build, we do make the odd piece of furniture. Pictured is a concept for a solid maple/walnut dining table that is oversized to accommodate a large setting. The intent is that the top of the leg will come through the table top and make the construction technique obvious.