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Night Spot


The rectangle team is working on a concept for a local night club. We really enjoyed working on this proposal, as we would like to see some of our work cross over into the public scene. If the project goes ahead, we will be sure to keep you posted. Advertisements

Meet the team


I thought over the next few weeks I would introduce the people that really make our rectangle team “click”! First up is Mr. Jason Roy. “J” has been around rectangle longer than any one. Typically, you can find him in the work shop listening to public radio while building some of the custom pieces you […]

Stahl house


Pierre Koenig’s case study house #22 has to be the most famous piece of modern residential architecture. The house has been featured in many movies, as well as the iconic Julius Shulman photograph of the two young ladies enjoying a drink high above the city lights of Los Angeles. This short clip is almost as […]



The snake shelf that we have blogged about over the last few months is now complete. I have re posted some of the pictures to follow the process.

Congratulations to Calgary’s new mayor Naheed Nenshi! Hopefully the new look at city hall will help outsiders see how dynamic and progressive Calgary really is. Now…..First on the list Mr Nenshi, lets speed up the development permit process!!!!  



When space is tight, you need to look for every square inch. In this scenario, we used the void left from the pitched roof to install banks of drawers. Now the need for dressers or other bedroom furniture is eliminated, thanks to built in cabinetry.



Check out Metro tomorrow morning, rectangle is going to start advertising in their “home” issue on Thursdays

Front door


I love this over sized aluminum and glass front door that Ian at Gienow Windows and Doors assembled for us. Be sure to give him a call for any window and door  needs.    

High ceilings are a great! Having the height  to let shelving or build in’s climb the wall always makes the space feel airy  and open.

The fall colours certainly contrast the exterior of this recently completed project. You can also see how the house was when we started last winter.