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Turning Point


We are at Drywall! Our Kensington projects is turning the corner from rough construction to the finishing stages. I love this part of a project, as it really starts to take shape and you can get a good feel for the new home. Advertisements

Things are really starting to take shape with our new build project in South Calgary.  We are excited to be building in a community with so much architectural diversity. If you get the chance to wander the streets North of Marda Loop you are certainly in for some eye candy!

The last few days of a project can get a little crazy, with more than 20 people in a house getting it ready. This is my favourite part of the project, so much energy and the home really starts to come together.

Fine Line


It takes a steady hand to “cut in” paint 16 feet in the air! Nobody does it better than Al and the boys at Infinite Coatings. I would like to thank them for their added effort to ensure our Altadore clients got moved in this weekend.

Two of Rectangle’s designers, Brittany and Christine, will be attending Avenue Magazine’s Speed Design tonight at Roche Bobois. The event is from 6PM – 9PM, and gives ticket holders the opportunity to present design questions and receive speed consultations from several Calgary designers. We hope to see you there!



For this proposal, it took some brainstorming and sketching (see Christine’s doodles) to resolve a concept for the exterior. The home has a split level floor plan, so getting the exterior to reflect some continuity and balance between the alternating floor levels was a bit of a challenge. The use of materials and horizontal lines […]



When working with a potential client we do a proposal for the intended space. With the advances in 3D modelling software, it easy to see exactly what is going on in the new design and what to expect from the built project.

Old Trick


We love to install glass inserts in drywall rail systems on stairs. We feel this is a great way to lighten up heavy drywall and still keep the tight stair well feeling clean.

I think that sometimes the use of MDF in residential projects gets misconstrued as a “cheap” alternative to wood. However the labour, preparation and paint involved with custom MDF work can be a tedious and time consuming process. This is a bookshelf in our Altadore ¬†project that is starting to take shape and no doubt […]



Even while on hold on the telephone, Christine is working on ideas for the next rectangle project. Her note book is filled with little gems waiting to come to life.