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Wasted Space


Every time we look in an attic, there is an uncontrollable urge to open it up and vault the ceiling. The best way to make a smaller room feel spacious is to add ceiling hight. Be sure to consult your friendly neighbourhood structural engineer before hacking apart your existing roof system! BEFORE AFTER Advertisements

Exterior update


Although we certainly get more attention for our interiors, exterior work makes up a large part of what we do. Acrylic stucco with a bit of cedar is always a winning choice.

Ice cubes


With summer in Calgary feeling like winter in Vancouver, there hasn’t really been a need for ice cubes in your drink, but why not be inspired by them for shelving? We thought we had a simple idea: build some MDF boxes, have them sprayed with gloss white lacquer off site, and ¬†attach them randomly to […]



The use of colour in a modern home needs to be restrained, but the right amount of a vibrant hue can really make a statement! Bold pink is where its at these days, if you ask me.

We haven’t done a blog post in a while, but ¬†we have had a ton of great work that has happened over the last few months. We are going to get with it and keep the blog current. This photo shows custom shelving we did that houses a great book collection. Although it looks simple, […]