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The use of concrete in modern design is by no means a new idea. We like to dabble in the use of moulded concrete from time to time as well. The pictures show us troweling the under side of a pre-cast bathroom sink, and what it looks like after being broken out of the mould. […]

Repeat Business


We had the good fortune to work with a couple of forward-thinking clients a few years ago (see Bridgeland 1 on the embarrassingly out of date With a growing family, they have once again come to us for help. Posted are some preliminary concepts for a family-oriented infill. As the project takes shape, we […]

Tile done right


A recent Home Depot television commercial would have you believe that setting tile is as simple as getting adhesive all over your hands and “slapping” mosaic on the wall! Take it from someone who knows, finding a tradesman like Dustin at Element Tile is tough. Paying attention to the smallest details ensures┬áthe finished product is […]