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Not only does this custom walnut casework add a bit of flair to this kitchen, it also hides structure and mechanical items. Advertisements

When I was a kid, I thought that Denmark was known only for Lego. As an adult, I know it as the  land of great design. One of the best known Danish architect/furniture designers is Arne Jacobsen. Have a look at this footage of his work and see how much he has shaped the design we […]



There is no question that we love our Medium Density Fibreboard  (MDF) at rectangle. Moulding MDF for built-in’s and book shelves, then spraying them with lacquer makes for a great feature. Be sure to wear proper respiratory protection when working with MDF; that stuff can be nasty when cutting and sanding!

Track Light


I know that the thought of track lighting scares a lot of people, but it shouldn’t. The flexibility and risk free approach will allow you to easily change your lighting on a whim.

We have renovated our work space over the last few months to provide a much more collaborative environment. Although we want our office to look good, make no mistake, this is our “work” space and there will always be samples, building materials and ideas flying around….and some Canadian indie music on the radio!



Before we can start to build a new home we need to dismantle the existing residence. Here are some pictures of the preparation for a large renovation in Altadore.