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Taking Shape


The sculpted stair case at our Varsity project is starting to come together. Looking at the before picture, you can see a huge transformation. Sketchup models provided the guidance needed to start the construction and for the concept. Once the drywall compound and corners are complete the “flow” we are after will take shape. Advertisements



Sometimes the simple ideas take a bit of extra effort. With this glass rail insert, we wanted the look to be impressive and straight forward. Removing the drywall and using MDF to hold the glass in place, we will now install the “corner bead” and use drywall mud to ensure all parts of the wall […]



This is a rendering of a concept we are working on for a infill in North West Calgary. Long narrow lots are the perfect opportunity to get a great house in an urban community. Although Calgary takes a lot of slack for our lack of some things “metropolitan”, we are not deprived when it comes […]

One of rectangle’s original clients is pursuing another project with us, and that means their first house is on the market. Why live in a condo when you can have this super clean, clever house for the same price?! Stop by the open house this weekend Sat. & Sun. 1-4, and say hi to Derek […]

Home office


Whether you work from home or just need a place for your computer, a home office these days is important. Keeping the storage consistent with the cabinetry in the rest of the home is a great way to ensure your space flows.



We love this stage of any project. The drywall is done and the details are starting to take shape. On our Rideau project, the cabinetry is set up, we are trimming the doors and windows, and getting ready for flooring. Next stage, move in…..



It’s not often that we get the luxury of space with our smaller urban projects. With our recently completed condo project there was the perfect amount of square footage in the extra bedroom to convert it into a generous en suite/dressing room. The walnut tub is definitely the focus of this room.