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Marcel Breuer


In addition to being one of the twentieth century’s most influential architects/designers, Marcel Breuer is the man for which our son is named (my wife refused to entertain the names Walter, as in Walter Gropius, or Mies). As a founding member of the Bauhaus, Mr. Breuer was well ahead of his time. His Wassily chair, […]

Bruce Edwards at yellow camera shoots all of our work for the magazine features. He truly understands architectural photography and always makes our stuff look good.

Tricky Framing


At our Varsity project we wanted to update the look of the existing stair case. Removing the dated curved oak rail, we are following the same lines with a new dimensional lumber skeleton. We will then wrap the frame work with drywall. Once complete, the rail will take center stage as you enter the home. […]

The God Father


Ludwieg Mies van der Rohe  is considered my many (including my self) to be the father of modern architecture. He coined the phrase “less is more” with has stood the test of time and used daily by every walk of life. His work in Europe went largely unbuild. Once he made his way to the […]



I love the way the dark grains in walnut look against a clean white interior. On this project we used a wood case to close in the existing mechanical ducts of the condo. Some times exposing a problem at demolition can add to the overall quality of the final product.