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Adding skylights to your renovation is a great way to bring natural light deep into the interior. Most manufacturers make a light that is constructed a lot better these days and don’t leak like the old school units. Advertisements



What a perfect time of year to renovate your kitchen! Better storage, new appliances clean lines! gives us a call, we can help



With most of our projects we are dealing with limited square footage, so storage is a top priority. Here we have placed nooks around the venting of the small fireplace, making use of every inch of available space.



Without a doubt, my favorite piece of architecture in Calgary is the Mtech building by MDB. I have  had a “design crush” on the MCKINLEY DANG BURKART crew for years.  Their Concorde night spot, and the design store Bruce in Vancouver, made me fall in love with good design. If you want world class inspiration […]



The elimination of decoration is key to the way we try to work. Here, removing a dated rail and replacing it with simplistic glass version goes a long way to update this interior….a lot of white paint always helps too!

Real Estate


Ok, I don’t want to make this blog into a soap box for me to shamelessly promote stuff but……If any one out there is in need of a good realtor that understands the urban market Derek Lien is your man. Derek knows good design (he was a founding partner at rectangle) and wont be that […]