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Rectangles has been very fortunate to find a new designer that is extremely talented and understands our work. This is a model for a bungalow that we plan to start in the near future, looks good Britt! Advertisements

Whether you know it or not, if you have the slightest interest in modern architecture you most likely have seen Mr. Shulmans work. He was the “go to” photographer in Los Angles during the case study days and he is responsible for all the glossy design books you see at the local retailer these days. […]



This little project that we recently complete  shows how the use of a bit of custom cabinetry and a punch of colour can go a long way. With this bathroom we wanted to maintain the class and charm of the mid century house, but add the necessities that every family needs.

2 Stone


rectangle had the good fortune to be neighbors with one of Calgary’s hottest young designers this past weekend at the home show. ¬†The use of concrete in modern design is not a new idea, but Justin and the crew at 2 stone are doing it better and more refined than any thing I have seen. […]

Home Show


If you are at the Home show this weekend, please come by the rectangle booth and say hello. We would love to hear from the people that read the blog.

Glass Rail


The glass guard on this stair way was once a fairly standard, ornate painted wood rail. We chose to clad the existing posts in MDF and add tempered glass with chrome glass clamps to add an updated look. The look is very “light” now and works with the modern interior.

Cowtown Modern


The new Calgary Police District 1 building is so beautiful it almost makes me want to get in trouble with the law! I have lived in Calgary my whole life, and while outsiders may think that we all wear big hats and rides horses through the city, the truth is that we have a thriving […]



Most of the projects that we work on are pre WW2. When houses are that old, renovating the structure can be a challenge, but with a good engineer, a very talented framer and a lot of jacking, the bones of an old house can be better than new.

Back to work


We took the summer off from the blog, but rectangle was very busy during the warm months on a few great projects. This kitchen is on the verge of completion, we will post more photos on our way to wrapping it up.