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Filling the back wall with window at this kitchen renovation will make all the difference. Natural light in the work area cannot be over looked and should always be a consideration in the design of new space. Advertisements

Rideau Place


The four apartment blocks on the hill over looking the river and city are some of Calgary’s first modern structures. Having just started a project in one of these historic buildings, we are excited to add our touch to this Cowtown landmark.



Sculpted MDF with a gloss sprayed finish can have a great look. A simple coffee cabinet reminds us of the plastic furniture from the 60’s and 70’s.

For Sale


One of the most admired and talked about rectangle project ever is going on sale. Rather then waiting to have us renovate your dream house, this one is for sale now.  Located on a corner in Knobhill, with amazing city views this home is truly one of a kind. Contact the owner directly at