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It’s no secret that Frank Gehry’s new AGO renovation in Toronto inspired our recent work. When I first saw the Canadian Architects latest work in Azure magazine a few months ago, I new that a trip was in order! Advertisements



I don’t think we really appreciated how technical it would be to bend wood around this guardrail. We almost have it beat and are excited to see it finished.



We wanted to do something special for the rail at our Altadore project. The curved birch rail will have a natural feel as well as be a showstopper. Look back for the finished product.

Sam Maloof


Sam Maloof dies at 93; designer and builder of simple, beautiful furniture His work was initially prized for practicality by Southern Californian homeowners in the 1950s. Later collectors and museum curators valued its elegance and timelessness.,0,3907018.story



After seeing The Sharp Center for Design in magazines for the last few years, I finally got a chance to experience it in person this week. Will Alsop’s first Canadian building is truly amazing and inspiring .I would highly recommend stopping by OCAD the next time you are in the T dot!

T Shirt


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