We are working on a rather progressive bungalow in Altador that will see us moving all the sleeping quarters into the lower level. This will allow for the entire main floor to be dedicated to living space.  For years it’s been the trend to develop the less desirable basement into “family rooms”, but rarely does the family want to be in the cool, dark lower level. We felt that it would make the most sense to sleep where it is dark and live where the sun penetrates every square inch of the home.dscn0620




3 Responses to “Subterranean”

  1. 1 Laura Chutny

    wow. about time someone did this. i have said for years that the cool basement was where we should sleep and the heat from the kitchen should stay on the top level, where it didn’t bake the bedroom inhabitants. good luck with this reno.


  2. 2 rectangleblogs

    Thanks for your Interest and support Laura, it’s appreciated. Check back as we will post more from this project as it progresses

  3. 3 Linda Audette

    I live across the street from this project and have watched with great interest. I knew the previous owners and each attempted reno’s but nothing like this. KUDO’s
    Am amazed at how quickly it is being transformed. It is a wonderful place to live and am sure the current owners will be there a very long time! Look forward to photo’s of the progress. Hope you will do before and after!


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