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Good design is timeless and Nakashima knew that. The MIT trained architect’s furniture is as relevant today as it was in the 1940’s. Advertisements



The use of glass in the home is more common these days. Your local glazing contractor can fabricate custom shower enclosures, counter tops and even stair treads.

rectangle had the rare opportunity to work with vintage fixtures and fittings on a recently completed project.  Our clients had collected great mid century items over the years and incorporated them into their new home.

The Uptown


If you want to be up to date with the Oscar buzz, head down to Calgary’s finest movie theater While you are there, might as well check out rectangles new advertisement on the big screen

New Home


After years of working out of small studios and tiny shops rectangle design finally has a much larger place to experiment in. We hope to have a showroom ready soon as well.



Before getting started with a project, it’s helpful to see a 3D rendering of the intended result.  Testing ideas and experimentation in the virtual world makes for a more efficient construction process.



Storage is a big deal these days, being able to hide all of the daily necessities at a moments notice adds to the convenience of a modern lifestyle.  With this project the cabinets become the architecture.