To us working folk this vibrating fellow is affectionately referred to as ‘Shaner’ or the ‘Boss’…otherwise known as the less catchy ‘Shane Rennie’ to his folks. To his son Marcel Rennie he is sometimes ‘Dad’ and sometimes also ‘Shaner’! To his wife Nilo he is often known as a top-o’-the-lungs SHANE! However to his clients he is the jovial fellow with the knack for transforming habitats of years past into magazine features of the present. Be it as it may be you will often find this aforementioned creative in his natural habitat sporting a fitted designer sweater outlining the merits of a Rectangle design. However the man has many talents and here he is in all his blue-collar glory showing that sawzall and ceiling who’s the real boss.

All hail the ‘Shaner’.


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