As you can see by the footage we are not referring to the blind pianist soulster legend. Rather we are alluding to Ray & Charles Eames, a husband and wife design team, who were the vital pioneers of modern furniture design as we know it.
The Eameses, along with collaboration with the Herman Miller furniture company & Zenith Plastics, not only re-conceptualized manufacturing techniques & material use with regards to modern furniture design, but more importantly also changed how normally utilitarian furniture was received and perceive. Here their designs amazingly made their debuts on national television. Back in the day of the B&W cathode-ray box that was a big deal…a huge deal in fact. 
So modern were their views in fact that even after half a century has passed their designs still remain quite relevant in the eyes of today’s design enthusiasts and students alike. The conceptual backbone of their diverse work was the search for seat and back forms that uniquely and comfortably supported the human body. Ray was once quoted as saying, “What works is better than what looks good, the ”looks good’ can change, but what works, works.” We couldn’t put it any better.

At Rectangle we appreciate the fact that the Eames philosophy was very much entrenched in their processes. It is a philosophy that we try very hard to instill on every project we work on. They’ve played a vital role in inspiring many a future creative to explore and then break through boundaries encountered. Nothing is impossible and we are proud to have, and to continue to be, influenced by these works.


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