Eenie, meenie, miney, mo…



The fine art of paint colour matching, like that song you hear but have no clue what the title is, can definitely be a tricky endeavour for even the most ardent painters. But here’s the inside tip on how the Rectangle pros get it right everytime folks:

  1. Make sure you have 10/20 vision. 30/20 and below need not apply.
  2. Make a hole in the wall & get a paint sample.
  3. Hold that chip up to that myriad wall of colour swatches.
  4. Squint real hard with one eye and let you hand naturally find the right match.
  5. Bingo, bango you’ll magically have a colour match.

Jokes people jokes! Haha. Seriously though…you’re better off utilizing your local hardware store paint professional to help you get the right blend of base, dye and eggshell! Just make sure you don’t settle for the ol’ “that’s seems pretty close” stunt though. Demand an exact colour match. It’ll make them touch ups that much more headache free.


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