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As in the hand tool rather than the man. To quote Mr. Rennie himself, “Always keep your chisels sharp.” It has been proven that sharp tools allow you to avoid dull moments…no pun intended. Advertisements

Model finish.


Did she really build that table? Hmmm. Nevertheless probably better watching her get her sanding on than one of us. LOL Perhaps Mode Models has a few keen woodworkers on the roster…hint hint…Kelly Streit.



In case you haven’t done so already be sure to check out the feature on Rectangle’s Principal and the abode that surrounds him in the latest issue of Avenue Magazine.

Pretty much the opposite of what we do in the inner-city but quite impressive nonetheless. Imagine looking up at this 65-floor residential skyscraper behemoth from the ground floor of Hong Kong’s streets right before your jaw hits the basement floor. That’s essentially what happen to yours truly when these twin towers stumbled across my gawking […]

In our busy lives it’s easy to forget how architecture, design, engineering, etc. not just only reflect upon the names who have the talent to have created, but also how they guide the landscape of how nature is viewed upon in an ever-changing light. We believe that the structures we create manage to showcase nature […]

No we haven’t migrated to more tropical climates…rather just a flashback to a better ‘windows-rolled-down’ weather day… Seatbelts on and right-side stick shifting through non-sensical right-lane Calgary traffic here two of the Rectangle’s law-abiding citizens pounding the asphalt to round up materials for YOU. Actually I think we were just headed to get some Vietnamese […]

It’s crazy how this iconic chair still is valued at well into the thousands even when bought used on auction sites like eBay! Having personally never sat in it one I can only imagine how luxurious it would be to kick back in one brainstorming many a creative idea.  Charles Eames stated that his goal for the […]

Even though they’ve been deconstructed from what mother nature intended all this lumber still lays waiting to serve many useful purposes for many people in various applications. Just another perspective on the big picture and how our industry utilizes our natural resources I guess. The glass is half full people…half full!

I can’t speak for all but the eye is such an indispensable tool to find inspiration. I don’t know if others are missing out or simply just not seeing what my brain is processing, but nevertheless I’m extremely glad I have the gift. Here’s an example of just being in the right place at the right time […]

As we alluded to in another post there are just some brand of tools that seem to be the créme de la créme of the tool world. Yes even in the tool world there are objects of desire that provoke drool and envy. This is what $1300 will get you in a compound mitre saw package […]