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The great thing about the renovation biz is with every simple elegant solution that our client sees there are often complex problems that stand in the way of us being able to accomplish that end product. Even a simple job as a window install poses its own unique challenges that make you have to think […]

As one project winds down new projects await. New drawings need to be inked. In this fast paced biz all you can do is to briefly admire a project “well done” and eagerly move on to new canvases “done well”. Your greatest creation is only as good as your latest inspiration! The boys at Rectangle […]

Attention all ladies, gentlemen & Calgarian purveyors of fine architecture & design! Who would have thunk that the boys at Rectangle would take the plunge into the blogger traffic jungle but they did! They’re kicking it now with a remixed…make sure to check it out…as well as dropping the first ever Rectangle blog… Where […]